Web projects

Below is a summary of some of the web projects I have worked on, including editing and rewriting content, and providing advice for search engine optimisation (SEO) and enhanced usability.

Ryans Law Offices

Legal practice located in Brunswick East, Victoria: ryanslawoffices.com.au

When: 2016

What: Built a new website using Wix. Consulted with staff for details and firm information to develop site structure and content.


ThetaHealing practice located in Ashburton, Victoria: thetafreedom.com.au

When: 2016

What: Built a new website using Wix, reviewed existing information and prepared new content for class and informational pages, enhancing usability and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Roti Road

Footscray-based Mayalsian-Chinese restaurant: rotiroad.com.au.

When: Early 2015

What: Prepared copy for a refreshed Roti Road website, reflecting the feel of the restaurant with improved SEO and usability.

Natural Therapeutics

Natural therapies small business based in Brunswick, Victoria: naturaltherapeutics.com.au

When: Mid 2014

What: Reviewed existing content for natural therapies small business Natural Therapeutics, and prepared fresh content for a new website, optimised for search and usability.

Pola Cosmetics

International skincare and cosmetics company, selling products online: polacosmetics.com.au

When: Mid 2014

What: Conducted a full review of the Pola Skincare and Cosmetics website, identifying opportunities to improve SEO assisting with the implementation of prioritised actions.

Mitchell Shire Council

Local government organisation situated in the heart of Victoria.

When: Early 2014

What: Conducted a full review and edit of all content on the Mitchell Shire Council website to enhance usability, accessibility, SEO, style and consistency of voice, cutting approximately 15,000 words (20 per cent) of content.

Unfortunately, due to staff changes, the website review was discontinued after this work had been completed, and the changes have yet to be implemented.

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